Watch D.O.G.S.


What is WATCH D.O.G.S.?

WATCH D.O.G.S. is a national organization with more than 5,000 registered schools across the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, Barbados and Puerto Rico (read more). The program strives to provide positive male role models in our schools by asking dads, grandpas, uncles, older brothers, etc to volunteer at least one day a year within our school.

During the last school year, more than 70 Carlisle dads and father figures served as WatchDOGS volunteers during the school day, up from 60 the year before. By taking a full or half day to work with students in small groups, one-on-one settings and by floating around the classroom to help teachers keep students on task, they have a lot of fun and make a great impact on Carlisle students. In fact, 100% of the Carlisle dads who took a survey at the end of a WatchDOGS day said they would recommend that other dads volunteer.

(If you're not familiar with the WatchDOGS program, this Today show segment does a nice job of explaining it.)

Any questions? Please send an email to so that one of our Top Dog team can reach out and answer any questions you may have.

Student Testimonials

Sample Schedules

We're currently updating our schedule information for the new year.  This year's schedules have been extremely simplified and should offer a much better experience for both staff and WatchDOGS volunteers alike.

Do's and Don'ts

Do be Engaged

Don't Overexcite

Do use the teacher's lounge

Don't use your phone in the classroom

Do encourage the students

Don't go into student restrooms

Do have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do we do at the school?

A: On your volunteer day, you can expect to help teachers in multiple classrooms, according to the schedule provided when you arrive. Help can be in the form of small group work, walking around the room helping kids with work, 1-on-1 help for kids who may need it. You will also be able to help out in other areas of the school day such as Art, Music, P.E., Recess and Lunch.

Q: What do I say during morning announcements?

A: Take this opportunity to introduce yourself, wish the kids a great day and let them know how much you enjoy being there.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Please contact our current Top Dog Coordinator at for answers to any questions or inquiries you may have.

Sign up will be open after the Watch D.o.g.s. event on 9/13/2018.


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