Carlisle needs our help! 
F2F or @Home, we are all in this together! Your donation will help keep Carlisle and your community stay safe so that we can all be back together again! 
Please kindly consider donating the following items: 
  • Disposable masks and gloves
  • Sanitizer and sanitizing wipes (at least 70% Isopropyl Alcohol)
  • Tissue boxes
  • Small disposable water bottles
  • Pre-packaged dry snacks (Goldfish, Cheez-Its, granola bars, etc) 
There will be a marked Donation Box located in the Carlisle foyer. You will be allowed to enter the foyer between M-F 9a-2p to drop off your donation or send your donation in with your student. 
If you'd rather purchase or donate online, we have two alternative options:  
1. PPE Carlisle Amazon Smile Wishlist: all items can be purchased online and shipped to Carlisle.
2. Consider a donation online at Carlisle PTA website (login/registration required).
                                           PPE donations
• 100% of your online donation is tax deductible.
• 100% of the funds will go to PTA for exclusive use of PPE and items listed above at Carlisle.
Questions? Please contact Jin Mun, VP Ways and Means, at Thank you for helping keep our students and teachers stay extra safe this year!