Carlisle Connection - A publication by Carlisle Elementary School

Carlisle Elementary School will be communicating its news through the "Carlisle Connection" or "Coyot-eNews".  You can sign up to receive this newsletter by signing up for the Carlisle e-News on the eNews portal for PISD.


Archive of past Carlisle Connection newsletters

Week of January 18th 


Week of January 10th 


Week of December 13th


Week of December 6th


November 15th


December 3rd 


November 8th


November 2nd


October 25th


October 18th


October 11th

Week 4 August 7, 2018

Week 3 August 30, 2018

Week 2 August 23, 2018

Week 1 August 18, 2018

Carlisle Summer Connection