2017-18: Getting Started

7/31/2017 1:00 pm

Welcome back Carlisle families!  Below is a quick check-list of items that you can use to ensure you've gotten off on the right foot for the upcoming school year.

  1. First, login and update your CarlislePTA.org account (The website should walk you through these areas.  They're just listed here for completeness sake.)
    • Grade Levels have ALREADY been bumped up for each student.  But if you notice an incorrect grade level for one of your children, please correct it during this step.
    • If you're adding new students, be sure to enter their upcoming grade level.
    1. Verify and Update Parent information
    2. Verify and Update Student information
    3. Verify and Update the Publish Preferences for your family.
  2. Join the Carlisle PTA!
    • BONUS! The PTA offers discount Spirit Wear to PTA Members.  So be sure to complete your PTA Membership order entirely (including payment).  The website should then recognize your membership status and the Spirit Wear should then reflect the discounted prices.
  3. Indicate any Volunteer Opportunities that you would like to help out with this year.
    • Signing up here allows you to indicate your interest.  You will be contacted by the appropriate PTA representatives once the activities and needs are determined.
    • Don't forget to complete your PISD Volunteer Background Check!
  4. Order Tax-Free School Supply packs from the PTA
    • If you do not see an entry for School Supplies for your child on the above page, you may have already purchased them at the end of last year.  Please review your Previous Orders to see if this is the case.
    • Click here for more info regarding School Supplies.
  5. Purchase Spirit Wear for your children (or yourself!)
  6. Add our PTA Calendar to your favorite Calendar application (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc)

Then check back at CarlislePTA.org often for updates and new information!