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Originally delivered on 10/6/2020 7:25 am

Carlisle Elementary PTA - October Howler

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October Howler

Mark Your Calendar!

October 11:
Art to Remember
Submissions Due

October 12:
Student/ Teacher

October 16:
Yearbook Cover Contest Deadline

Art To Remember Holiday Fundraiser

Who needs a gift for their family and friends? We are bringing Art to Remember to the holidays this year! 

The Art to Remember program will give you the opportunity to purchase keepsake items with your child's artwork on them. The best part is that every keepsake order supports our school.

All artwork needs to be completed and submitted by Sunday, Oct. 11. Mrs. Miller has worked with your children to create amazing pieces that you don't want to miss out on and share with family and friends. 

Ways to submit your artwork: 

  • Upload at Just type in your student's name and follow the instructions. 
  • Bring and hand in your artwork during the weekend of Oct. 9-11. Mrs. Miller will have an Art to Remember bin in front of the school on the bench.
  • Note: We are using last year's K-4 Spring projects for this year's fundraiser. Incoming K F2F created their projects at school. Incoming K @Home created their projects with Mrs. Miller during online class. All new incoming students will create their own artwork at home with the following guidelines ( 

These projects will make wonderful holiday gifts! Personalized order forms will go home with students at the end of October as well an email link to order online. The deadline to purchase will be Nov. 6th. 

Help us give back to our kids! If you have any questions, please contact

Show Off Your Pumpkin!

Carlisle United and Strong!

Beginning of each month, Carlisle PTA will host a virtual event/activity for ALL students to participate. The idea of the campaign is to create a unilateral program for the students (F2F and @Home) while still preserving our Carlisle pride. We are “In It Together”!

Carlisle PTA may also use the entries and create an end of the year video to document the 2020-2021 school year that will be sent out to all parents on the last day of school. 


  • Draw a picture of a decorated pumpkin or carve/decorate a pumpkin. 
  • Take the picture and email it for submission. (Your student may be pictured with their entry but it is not required.)
  • All entries will receive a fun Halloween themed prize.
  • Submit entries to:

*One entry per student. All entries must be school appropriate. Submission of entry allows Carlisle PTA to include in an end of year video.

Carlisle PTA Community Spotlight

In an effort to give back to our community and support Carlisle Elementary, we are revamping our traditional Spirit Night with the "Carlisle PTA Community Spotlight" monthly program. We are looking to highlight and support local organizations such as restaurants, children's education and activity companies and other businesses that serve our community along with raising funds from purchases for Carlisle PTA. The chosen business for the month will be mentioned in our PTA and Carlisle publications to raise awareness with our Carlisle families. 

We are hoping the "Carlisle PTA Community Spotlight" program will be a way to kindly respond to the support that our school has graciously experienced throughout the years from our community. We thank you for your continued support and hope you will join us in this endeavor. 

Website Update

Check out our newly updated Carlisle PTA website!!

Thanks for all the hardwork from our webmaster, An Pham Lau, to make the website more accessible and loaded with tons of information. 

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

Celebrate Books. Celebrate Stories. This year's book fair will be online from Nov 5-Nov12. There will be an engaging online platform for your students to browse and enjoy all the books they love. And free shipping to your home (on book items only)! 

More information with details on how to purchase, coming soon. 

Help us give back to our kids! If you have any questions, please contact

Spiritwear Store - NEW ITEM

Bows, bows and more bows! 7" blue and white hair bow with ponytail holder with a coyote paw printed on the bow for $6 available! 

Purchase Here  >>>

Orders will be delivered every Friday to the teacher classroom you indicate on the form. Teachers will give the order to students to bring home at the end of the school day.  

If you are a School@Home family, please email to arrange drop off/pick up.

*You can also purchase Carlisle Spirit Sticks. 

Help us give back to our kids! If you have any questions, please contact

Virtual Programs Chair

We want YOU to be our next Virtual Programs Chair! Do you enjoy being creative and know your way around some technology? Do you want to be more involved in your student's experiences and enrich their school life? Then this would be a fantastic fit for you!

The Virtual Programs Chair is a newly formed position to help foster a connection with our students and families regardless of their learning environment. The position would create and facilitate virtual programs for all students to participate.

Duties entail:

  • Working closely with the VP of Programs to offer virtual programs to students within PTA guidelines and rules set forth by the district.
    • Programs would include: 
      • Carlisle Unity and Strong - A monthly virtual event based on a themed activity. Students participate by submitting projects, drawings, etc. 
      • Bedtime Stories with a Carlilse Teacher/Staff - Staff members read books to students via pre-recorded videos. 
      • Pen Pal Program - A voluntary program where @Home and FTF families can opt-in to connect through letters and drawings. 
  • Setting up and managing the Carlisle Elementary YouTube page so families are able to access a variety of program content created for Carlisle students.

For more information please contact Michelle Son, or Joanne

Amazon Wishlists
PISD Free Meals
Connect with your neighbors AND show support for your local PTA!

Print and fill out the attached sign and post it in a front window so everyone who walks by can see it!

If you see this sign in a window, snap a photo or selfie with it and send to Be sure to tell us which school is being represented in case we can’t see the school name in the photo!!!

2020-2021 PTA Budget

This budget was adopted and voted on by members at the general PTA meeting held on September 24, 2020.

Budget 9/30/2020
Account NameBudget CategoryBudget Roll-up

4001Balance Forward$31,000.00$31,000.00

4030PPE Donations$0.00$0.00


4101Spirit Wear$1,100.00$1,100.00

4103Art To Remember$1,500.00$1,500.00

4106Book Fair$2,500.00$2,500.00

4020Community Partnerships$2,250.00$2,250.00

4109Write A Check$500.00$500.00

4110Restaurant Night$750.00$750.00

4114Candy Gram$600.00$600.00

4116Raze Craze$4,000.00$4,000.00


4201PTA Family Membership$1,100.00$1,100.00

4202PTA Single Membership$1,000.00$1,000.00

4203PTA Lifetime Membership$150.00$150.00


4920Shipping and Handling Fees$0.00$0.00

4999Uncategorized Income$0.00$0.00
TOTAL Income

Account NameBudget CategoryBudget Roll-up

5010Administrative & Supplies$300.00$300.00

5030Bank Charges$60.00$60.00

5060Conferences & Training$500.00$500.00





5780Website Hosting/Internet Fees$770.00$770.00

5910Transfirst Transaction Fees$600.00$600.00

5990Bad Debt$0.00$0.00

5080PPE Donations$0.00$0.00

5090Donations-Carlisle Elementary$12,000.00$12,000.00

5100Donations - Planners$1,190.30$1,190.30

5200Fundraising Expenses$0.00$3,100.00

5204Art To Remember$800.00$800.00

5212Book Fair$1,500.00$1,500.00

5224Spirit Wear$300.00$300.00

5201Candy Gram$100.00$100.00

5203Raze Craze$400.00$400.00

5240Hospitality Expenses$6,000.00$6,000.00


5057Council Dues$125.00$125.00

5250Lifetime and Member Banquet$450.00$450.00

5270PTA State/Local Membership Dues$750.00$750.00

5610Program Expense$2,500.00$3,000.00



5690School Supplies$200.00$200.00

5700Senior Reunion$200.00$200.00

5740Teacher of the Year Banquet$490.00$490.00



5999Uncategorized Expense$15,000.00$15,000.00
TOTAL Expense$52,450.00$52,450.00