2018-2019 Carlisle PTA Board & Chairpersons

If you wish to contact the entire Executive Board you can send an email to ExecutiveBoard@CarlislePTA.org which will be sent to all at the same time.


Position Name Email Address
President Kristen Harner President@CarlislePTA.org
1st VP - Programs Rachel Brewer Programs@CarlislePTA.org
2nd VP - Volunteers Rama Hammer Volunteers@CarlislePTA.org
3rd VP - Ways & Means Joanne Stump WaysandMeans@CarlislePTA.org
4th VP - Communications Brenda Dunn Howler@CarlislePTA.org
Secretary Leigh Kennon Secretary@CarlislePTA.org
Treasurer Jennifer Munsell Treasurer@CarlislePTA.org
Parliamentarian Andrew Royall Parliamentarian@CarlislePTA.org
Principal Linda Patrick linda.patrick@pisd.edu
Membership Chair Karen Gournay Membership@CarlislePTA.org
Yearbook/Historian Michelle Nguyen Yearbook@CarlislePTA.org
    Yearbook Photographer VACANT  
    Yearbook Photographer VACANT  
PTA Council Delegate Rizwan Dar CouncilDelegate@CarlislePTA.org
Environment/Recycling Christine Slote Environment@CarlislePTA.org
SAGE Chair Eryn Young SAGE@CarlislePTA.org
Hospitality Kristen Kolb Hospitality@CarlislePTA.org
Workroom Volunteer Chair Angela Wichman Workroom@CarlislePTA.org
Book Fair Chair Maggie Joachim BookFair@CarlislePTA.org
    Book Fair Assistant Lauren LeBlanc  
Reflections Quincey Rhoades Reflections@CarlislePTA.org
Directory Chair Julie O'Connor Directory@CarlislePTA.org
School Supplies Chair Donna Hackett SchoolSupplies@CarlislePTA.org
Community Fundraising Chair Talena Lehosit Community@CarlislePTA.org
Marquee Chair Donna Hackett Marquee@CarlislePTA.org
Healthy Lifestyles Chair Shehla Dar HealthyLifestyles@CarlislePTA.org
Restaurant Nights Christine Judge RestaurantNights@CarlislePTA.org
Spirit Wear Chair Kara Lindsley SpiritWear@CarlislePTA.org
Field Day Chair Adina Ritter FieldDay@CarlislePTA.org
    Field Day Co-Chair VACANT  
Webmaster Holly Nguyen Webmaster@CarlislePTA.org
Cultural Diversity Kristin Zhang CulturalDiversity@CarlislePTA.org
WatchDOGS Frank Gallovich WatchDOGS@CarlislePTA.org